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Our Mission

Build a safe environment for Web3

Making Web3 safer

Powered by a combination of human knowledge & machine learning systems, we are building systems, tools, and processes to make the Web3 ecosystem safer.

Contribute to a safer future

It will take community participation to make the ecosystem safer. In true Web3, open-source spirit, we are building a decentralized system to track, identify, and protect our members from crime.

On- and off-chain data converge

We combine on-chain and off-chain data in one system and provide familiar powerful tooling to work with it, empowering our community to gain deeper insights.

Iris Collective

Trust is fundamental to the success of web3 and Iris Collective provides a collaborative platform where community members can work together to separate trusted entities from scams and malicious actors.
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Transparency, Community, Compliance & ML

Providing Safety for Web3

We believe in a world where everyone can participate in and benefit from global interconnections without social barriers or gatekeepers. But with some $30 billion lost to cryptocurrency theft in 2021 alone, Web3 has yet to fulfill its promise.

The loss of trust from fraud is harming the Web3 ecosystem. With Web3 forecast to grow to 1 billion users by 2025, the industry needs standards for safeguarding participants' assets and identities–now.

We're Creating a Safety Platform for Web3

At Dragonscale, we're building an intelligence platform that will offer robust protections and compliance for individuals and organizations in Web3. Powered by machine learning, our platform brings on- & off-chain data together with community insights to protect you from the epidemic of fraud and theft currently plaguing Web3. The elements of our model include:

Safe Ecosystem

Dragonscale's comprehensive platform will use advanced systems and secure processes to enable safe transactions, shutting down fraud and theft in Web3. Concentrating Web3 knowledge in one place will enable rapid development of needed tools for Web3 security.

Community Driven

Crowd-sourced data and community insights are the final, essential piece for enabling a truly secure Web3 environment. Gamification and rewards help drive community participation, helping us spot false-flag attacks and neutralize fraud attempts.

Powerful Tooling

Within our ecosystem, we're developing a complete suite of next-generation security and fraud detection tools for data exploration, visualization, and ML training.  

ML Powered at Its Core

Web3 is developing at a speed that's outstripping human fraud prevention efforts. That's why our systems are built and optimized for real-time, responsive ML applications.

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Dragonscale's mission is to build a trusted Web3 platform that enables safer transactions and compliance through an innovative combination of advanced AI analysis and community insights.

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