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Dragonscale Industries is driving the transformation of Web3 toward a trusted, secure space that enables creativity and collaboration. Our team's multifaceted approach to strengthening Web3 security is designed to benefit enthusiasts, data analysts, app builders, and enterprises. As regulatory agencies develop requirements for crypto-based organizations, Dragonscale's platform will enable compliance while reducing friction.


Build a safe environment for a web with effective ownership for all.


A world where everyone can aspire and participate through global interconnections without being held back by social barriers or blocked by gatekeepers to success.

Meet the Team

Dragonscale's team are highly experienced, early adopters of Web3. They're on a mission to establish industry compliance standards and prevent the security breaches that currently plague the cryptocurrency sector.

Rohit Rai

Rohit is a serial entrepreneur with more than a decade of experience building big data and machine learning systems, solving engineering problems of scale at Imaginea, Tuplejump and then Apple. He learned the ropes of the crypto ecosystem the old school way, first mining bitcoin in 2011. After a wallet compromise that resulted in theft of some of his own crypto assets, Rohit co-founded Dragonscale Industries to fight crime in Web3.

Shiti Saxena

Shiti caught the startup bug working at Pramati, solving problems of data at scale for various startups. An early adopter of the Scala and Spark ecosystems, she has written books on frameworks used in the Scala ecosystem and contributed to various open-source projects. As one of the first engineers at Tuplejump and the tech lead building the data-science platform at Apple, Shiti solved many challenges in applying ML to real life use cases.

Florence Loi

Florence developed her software engineering skills building the data science platform at Apple. Starting her career in science research, she moved to software technology to work more closely with people impacted by her work. Florence is an exceptional engineer who develops deep empathy for customers, understanding their challenges and building solutions that enhance their user experience.

Stephen Pimentel

Stephen is a technologist, visionary, and public speaker who enjoys getting his hands dirty to make ideas a reality. Working on the data science platform at Apple, Stephen helped Apple leverage ML, building systems that impact the experience of billions of users. With deep experience in solving large-scale data problems, he has a passion for using his knowledge to build powerful user-centric crypto applications, at both Layer 1 and higher levels.

Shibika Chaudhary

Shibika is a product designer with a master’s degree in design. She has over 15 years’ experience across various industries, in a wide variety of products and use cases. At Tuplejump, Shibika designed streamlined and accessible UX for complex big data use cases. She’s excited to explore how technology and design can together create a more open, safe, and equitable Web3.

Lauren Coyle

Lauren is a UX Designer who values accessibility, with a goal of creating intuitive user experiences for all. With experience in Graphic Design and illustration skills spanning across various industries, she brings a diverse background to her work. As a User Experience Designer at Dragonscale Lauren acts as a bridge between the design and development teams, helping bring forth great user experiences.

Renata Dzotova

Renata is a passionate UX designer who made a career transition following her remarkable success as a pianist and musician. With a strong foundation in art and a comprehensive education in digital design and development, Renata handles not only UX tasks but also multimedia, bringing a diverse perspective to her work. Her goal as a UX designer is to create digital experiences for Dragonscale products that cater to users of all backgrounds and abilities.

Eileen Li

Eileen collaborates closely with the design team to create responsive user interfaces. With a Master's degree in Food Science and prior experience in Quality Assurance in the natural health product industry, she made a bold transition into the tech sector. Eileen furthered her skills by completing the web development bootcamp at Lighthouse Labs, solidifying her expertise in web development. She is passionate about transforming design concepts into tangible realities and takes pride in delivering seamless products.

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